make your friend’s day by sending them the anonymous gift of an age ham: a powerful good luck charm and the world’s most delightful pet  

original age ham

age hams are tiny good luck charms (and delightful pets) you can have sent anonymously to a friend or family member

  • each age ham is stamped by hand with a lucky number and mailed by us directly to a person of your choosing

  • included with every age ham are detailed instructions for proper care, as well as how to unlock its good luck powers (see photos)

  • we also send materials for building and decorating a "ham hut", a small house for the age ham to live in

  • yooh can choose which number your ham is stamped with (between 0 and 99), or yooh can let us choose.

  • we do not reveal to your recipient who bought them the age ham - part of the fun for them is trying to figure out who sent it to them

shipping is also completely free within the continental united states. :)

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