confuse and delight your friends with the award-winning age ham: the world’s most powerful maybe good luck charm  

original age ham

age hams are the world's most exciting maybe good luck charm for yooh to anonymously send to your friends or family

here is everything that will happen to your recipient when they receive their ham:

  • their age ham is stamped by hand with a lucky number and instructions on how to activate its maybe good luck properties
  • their welcome package will explain that their age ham was handmade and stamped by either russian hackers or don cheadle (from iron man 2, hotel for dogs 2) - yooh will get to choose this
  • each age ham comes wrapped in an unused artisanal baggy made from ancient grains
  • also included are materials to build their age ham's "ham hut", as well as instructions on how to care for and use their ham
  • it will also be made clear to them that if they do not do everything the card says that the ham will die and they will feel terrible forever about that

even if their experience does not work, keep in mind that an age ham is great for home decore

for example they can place their age ham on the mantle or nail it to the wall or throw it in their neighbor's yard

the possibilities are endless

(after yooh buy your age ham yooh will be sent to a form that will let yooh tell us where to send the age ham.)

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